Who invented homework?

Is there a simple answer to this complex question? Or is the question, in fact, simple, and the answer is tricky?

Home tasks are an integral part of the education system. The answer to who and when has invented home assignments is long-sought. It is relatively easy to say how homework has become an integral part of the education system. Who invented homework? Finding who may have contributed to the transformations necessary to make home assignments a significant element of the learning system is hard to answer.

Homework interferes with students’ sleeping patterns and affects how they organize their free time. Pupils bringing assignments home is also gruesome for teachers and parents as it builds pressure and anxiety. As the problem with home tasks persists, so does the need to keep contemplating who has designed them and, perhaps, even more importantly, why.

Pliny the Younger and the Roman origin of homework

So, again, who invented homework? It is possible to assume that home assignments have existed from the start of learning. In Ancient Greece and Rome, during the Middle Ages and in the age of Enlightenment, learners sought to explore, expand their knowledge, systematize and impart it for the benefit of generations to come. Pliny the Younger, ancient Roman philosopher, scholar, and oratory teacher, has allegedly devised homework by urging his followers to continue mastering their public speaking skills at home. When he has asked his students to practice at home, Pliny has also encouraged them to use rhetorical strategies and artistic talents for public speaking. Improvement of public speaking capabilities has certainly been comparably less challenging and stressful for the learners in the past than the writing assignments their descendants receive at schools today.

Horace Mann and Politicization of Education

Horace Mann is one of the most vocal supporters of education reformation who has helped form a solid compulsory public education system in the United States of America. The explorer has drawn inspiration from Germany’s People’s Schools. Gottlieb Fichte, a supporter of German nationalism, has advocated for schools to be embedded into the mechanism of state propaganda. Aware of the threats of education becoming involved in political affairs, Mann has brought his observations back to the United States of America. Thus, he has accomplished the mission of improving the country’s education system and helping broaden the outlook of American students.

Home tasks in the twenty-first century

Learning environments are becoming increasingly complex, especially with the remote education factor at play. The amounts of information continue to increase. Educators use homework to keep track of students’ progress and bring more order and systematicity into the education process. If you experience any difficulty doing a written assignment, you can always ask for help from professionals. For example, you call in a favor from a trusted and reputable custom paper writing help service, such as LivePaperHelp.com Thus, you will get help from expert writers and develop a better notion of scholarly research and academic integrity. More importantly, by understanding the fundamental educational concepts and seeing professionals work, you may acquire the proper tools to define credible, up-to-date, and relevant information. Want to know how to search for reliable information? Try doing some online research and answering the question of who invented homework. Chances are, you will be both challenged and pleasantly surprised.

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