Informative Speech Topics: How to Choose Wisely

Even though it is one of the most popular assignments, many students face multiple problems while coping with it. The first one is to understand what to write about in your speech. Some try to please their teachers by choosing a topic that will definitely meet the expectations of instructors. Others forget about the academic requirements and focus on their interests instead. Which route should you choose?

Before we get to the list of tips on how to find non-trivial informative speech topics, let us discuss the goal of your speech. Basically, your task is to share an intriguing piece of information with your teacher and peers. The tricky part is to follow all the academic requirements. After all, you are going to get evaluated not only for your creativity but also for your ability to follow specific rules. Once you’ve read and analyzed the key requirements, you can start generating ideas.

Where to Find Inspiration

Here are some useful tips that will help you.

Rely on your interests. It is always a good idea to use your passion when you cope with an assignment. Then, you will not get bored during the process. So, if you are into sports, tell the audience about your favorite player or discuss the history of football/baseball/tennis, or any other sport that you are into. However, you should always take into consideration the relevance of your speech. Is it an appropriate topic to discuss in class? Is it in any way relevant to the topics raised in class?


  • The phenomenon of the Grand Slam in tennis
  • A short history of cooking techniques
  • Psychological aspects of depression

Choose a topic that is relevant to your class. One more way to decide what to write about is to use the topics discussed in class as a basis. If it’s a history class that you need to do your speech on, look for the history topics that you find to be interesting. If you enjoy analyzing the reasons and consequences of wars, choose the war that you’ve recently discussed or will discuss in the nearest future. If it’s a literature class, choose a writer that you admire or your favorite book.


  • V. Putin as a historical figure
  • Writer’s talent of O. Henry
  • Causes of depression

Visit online platforms for students. You can find many online platforms where students discuss all kinds of assignments and ways of coping with them. You can find many examples of informative topics there. Use them as a source of inspiration. You can then come up with a unique topic that will attract the attention of your audience. It is one of the possible ways to avoid using a trivial subject that has been already discussed hundreds of times.


Hire a personal assistant. It is one of the fee-based options that might come in handy when you are limited in time. If you need to get fresh ideas fast, use an online writing service. A personal assistant will offer you several options of topics. You can specify the requirements to narrow the abundance of possible options. If you experience difficulties during the writing process as well, you can use the assistance of online experts as well.


Give a new twist to a trivial topic. You can use a search engine as a source of inspiration as well. You will find many topic generators. Just enter a keyword and you will find a list of popular topics containing it. All you need to do next is to take any of that topic as a basis for your unique idea.


  • Benefits of getting a degree in the 21st century
  • Features of the modern friendship phenomenon
  • The growing popularity of anxiety

Use any of the proposed tips to cope with this assignment successfully.

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